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The North Shore LNG Project

The North Shore LNG Project is a collaboration of five municipalities in Northwestern Ontario to bring a safe and reliable natural gas supply to homes and businesses in Marathon, Terrace Bay, Schreiber, Manitouwadge and Wawa. The proposed project involves transporting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) by truck from Nipigon to local depots in each of the five North Shore municipalities.  The LNG will be converted back to natural gas for distribution to homes, industries and businesses in each municipality.  The North Shore LNG Project has partnered with Northeast Midstream LP to develop its regional natural gas delivery system. The goal is to design, construct, own, and operate local gas delivery systems in each of the municipalities, including the distribution mains, service pipes and meters as well as on-system Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) storage tanks and associated vaporization systems.  Looking to the future, the North Shore LNG Project has the potential to build economic capacity in Northern Ontario and promote, attract, and support growth in existing and emerging economic sectors. 

Northeast Midstream LP is an Ontario-based energy partnership focused on expanding natural gas service to communities and industries not currently served by the traditional pipeline delivery model. The partners and management of Northeast Midstream LP have extensive experience in developing, building, owning and financing capital-intensive projects. Northeast Midstream LP is the owner & builder of the Nipigon LNG Project, which is a significant infrastructure project that will supply the North Shore LDC project with liquefied natural gas. The company has been contracted to assist the North Shore Municipalities to develop the North Shore Gas Distribution and LDC Project. 

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Regional Impacts

A natural gas supply to the North Shore communities will bring significant benefits including:

  • Mobilize a capital investment of $65 million in local distribution infrastructure, plus upstream investments to supply natural gas to the Municipalities
  • Save Northern residents and businesses $247 million on energy bills over 40 years (2018 dollars)
  • Cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 17,000 tonnes CO2e per year, equivalent to removing 3,591 passenger vehicles from the road
  • Contribute $73 million towards the GDP of Ontario, comparable to creating 704 full-time equivalent (FTE) positions

All figures are estimates only and correspond to the Reference Case developed by Cornerstone Engineering Services and Elenchus Research Associates. Capital costs do not include the upstream costs to supply natural gas to the Municipalities (i.e., upstream pipeline charges, liquefaction and trucking). Comparative benefits are based on current commodity prices. Forecasted rates are dependent on obtaining financial support from the Province of Ontario and approval from the Ontario Energy Board.



Natural gas is North America’s most affordable and cleanest fossil fuel. Conversion to natural gas is expected to reduce overall GHG emissions and energy costs.


Natural gas will be supplied in liquefied form from the new Nipigon LNG plant and transported safely by truck to each of the five North Shore municipal LNG depots.


The LNG will be converted back to natural gas for delivery to local homes, industries and businesses in each municipality through local gas distribution works and systems.